Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pictures from Wau

I think this is a Sudanese water purifying system- but that could be wrong. (left)

Hospital building in Wau (right)

Two of our team members in a Southern Sudanese rickshaw!

Group of midwives training in neonatal resuscitation
. Note the fake training baby: whenever we carry it around it's in a plastic bag, and everyone on the street freaks out because they think its real; they run over to pick it up and see why the heck we are suffocating the baby. When they realize it's fake, it's hilarious (right).

Two of the doctors from our team helped resuscitate a baby after an emergency c-section following our training (hands on learning!) The baby wasn't breathing and had no heart beat for ten minutes after she was born, but with a lot of work, she is now alive! Her mother had given birth to three children before her, all of whom died almost immediately (Left).

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